Case Studies

Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes Australia came to me needing a way to boost their new product to help generate a successful crowdfunding campaign for the Skillion Electric Fat Bike.

The initial stage was a half-day brainstorm – this involved picking out the key features of the bike setting it apart from the competition. GCImagery conceptualised the strongest way to showcase these elements, creating a story arc around the bikes main users so viewers could relate to this. We hired actors and composed multiple set-ups at various locations during a full day shooting from sunrise to sunset.

The end result was a clear, concise video highlighting the bike’s features, keeping the viewer entertained and engaged throughout. Fat Bikes loved how much we filmed and what we were able to achieved in a single day. Since the main edit was released, they continue to use our services to:

• Create a 30 second edit for social media
• Capture the Fat Bike’s launch night
• Film a promotional day exposing the bikes to the public
• Create a separate edit for the American market

Melinda from Quint App needed a fast, punchy video showcasing their new app’s capabilities. We decided to keep the video under a minute to maximize the viewer’s attention.

We looked at all the elements of the app and decided that a practical, hands-on approach would work best. No fancy graphics were used – this enable the viewer to clearly see the ease of use when using the app. GCImagery set up the lighting and location, which guaranteed the viewer’s focus stayed on the app.

We started by showing the end product and achievement of the app to create engagement and interest, luring viewer to know more. By colour correcting the footage, we created a warm and welcoming look for the video, with a contemporary soundtrack adding drama. The end result is a snappy, slick video showing exactly what this app is capable of achieving.

Eddy wanted to shoot a weekly wrap up showing how the property market performed, with the aim of the videos encouraging buyers and sellers to contact Eddy directly.

Eddy wanted to summarise his week, but I suggested adding hints and tips to the video. This idea helps with keywords for Internet searches, increases exposure, and the videos also act as a library of information, rather than the videos going out of date after a few weeks.

I also suggested changing the location for each shoot to create more interest, and help the clients differentiate which videos they have watched within the series.

The End Result – Eddy’s video view count rose and he received a major boost in sales. As a result from this success, Clarke & Hummel Property continues to use our services.

Lock It Up came to us needing a video to encourage young festival goers to use Lock It Up’s hire lockers.

We came up with a visual story taken from the point of view party people, sharing their journey through the festival, and highlighting not only the safety benefits for the lockers, but also the practical uses in a fun and funky way. With the festival atmosphere presented through the video, we ensured a connection with the target audience.

The end result is an entertaining, edgy video with a great soundtrack, which appeals to the target audience. GCImagery managed to promote a locker as cool and trendy benefit and advantage to the festival party-goer clientele.

One of the world’s largest free public exhibitions, Sculpture by the Sea, wanted to boost their social content and in return attract more visitors to the exhibition.

I sat down with the organisers and suggested the most powerful video formats that would maximize their exhibition’s potential. A timelapse video highlighting the entire event was an ideal way to capture the beautiful sunrises Bondi has to offer. This created a spectacular and visually stimulating backdrop for the sculptures.

I also interviewed several of the artists, crafting engaging insights into the background of their art – giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the exhibition.

Photography was a major part of the brief. GCImagery images were used across various marketing platforms to create entertaining content, evoking excitement for the upcoming event and an increase in social media drive. My hero image of Lighthouse by Cave Urban is the main catalogue cover this year and will also be used across national advertising campaigns.

The use of a visually stimulating video helped Sculpture by the Sea’s Social Media engagement increase exponentially. The highlights video gained over 50,000 views across its social channels, prompting record attendance numbers to the event.

Due to the success of their video promotions with GCImagery, we continue to work with the exhibition. This year is proudly my 5th exhibition with Sculpture by the Sea, which includes the Perth exhibition.

Sanitarium wanted to target 15-20 year old males to promote their breakfast drink Up&Go.

GCImagery created the concept of shooting a web commercial using a Parkour athlete to indicate how Up&Go boosts energy, endurance and skills during the day.

In order to integrate the product into the video using Parkour techniques, I created a storyboard. I incorporated the concept of the athlete powerfully kicking the product into a bin after drinking it, before beginning his stunts. The stunts were big and the movements fast, with an up-tempo soundtrack adding to the excitement of the adrenalin filled video. This very much appealed to their target audience and Sanitarium loved the concept. The final delivery works extremely well.

The end result saw the video views hit 400,000 in the first 2 days and continues to grow.

Due to the success of the first video GCImagery has been commissioned to conceptualise and shoot 3 more videos using different sports.