At Exposed Wolf, we know that trust is the number 1 concern.

If you’re an agency looking for an end to end video production service, we can help.

We are a representation of your company and we take that fact extremely seriously.

We take care of filming, animation, editing and any other production services you may require.

We understand that with a lot of your clients, the kind of work you’re in, you’re in a real budget crunch. We have a range of services and price points that work depending on the budgets you’re working to.

We manage the process for you.

We know you’re busy. You’ve got clients breathing down your neck. Logistics to plan. You need someone you can rely on. You need the confidence to send a brief and know that the final video will be just what you envisioned. We make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible without you having to worry about greasing us.

We’re flexible! We can integrate into your agency, be a part of your team. It’s not uncommon for agencies to set up emails for us so we can be Cc’d into correspondence with your clients. On the other hand, if you prefer for us to be invisible to the client, we can stay in the background. Whatever’s best for you.

Shooting. Photography. Editing. Animation. Deliver.

If you’re tired of working with suppliers who push & shove you for every single amend and change then we are here to tell you that there’s another way.

We are responsive to feedback and always under your creative control. We can edit offline or are flexible to come to your office to sit with you through the edit.

We work collaboratively with you in every sense of the word and even on budgets. We can adapt to the circumstances and offer you options.